• Events in the Park

    Pittencrieff Park plays host to many events throughout the year including the Bruce Festival and the annual fireworks display that is enjoyed by people of all ages.

  • The Glen Pavilion

    A wonderful Art Deco style building, sitting in the magnificent setting of Pittencrieff Park.

  • The Glen

    With over 750,000 visitors each year, Pittencrieff Park, or 'The Glen' as it is more commonly known as by local people, is one of Scotland’s most important and popular urban parks. Well known for its resident peacocks, this 76-acre park is of huge historical and cultural significance.

  • History of the Park

    The Park was purchased in 1902 by the town’s most famous son, Andrew Carnegie. The Scottish-born American industrialist and philanthropist gifted it to the people of Dunfermline.

The Glen

feature one


The Glen Pavilion is the perfect place to provide a memorable day for you and your guests.

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A leisurely stroll, a cycle through the park's many pathways or an energetic half hour on the swings…

feature three


The Peacock Rooms Cafe is the place to eat and drink in Pittencrieff Park.