In the Glassroom, I’ve started the early preparation of the beds which will be planted in the next few months by local school children and looked after by volunteers.

By recycling old copies of Scottish Gardener and keeping them damp I’m hoping to create a mulch that will improve the soil, while blocking the sun should keep weeds to a minimum.  The heat needed to keep the Glasshouse plants healthy will stimulate the rotting down of this material quicker than the freezing temperatures outside could!

In 2018 we will:

Use table top composters to collect compostable waste and produce our own compost which we’ll add to the beds before planting (local school children will take the composters back to class)

Grow Sunflowers

  • Colourful flowers with seeds that we can use for feeding the birds next winter

Grow a mixture of grains (such as barley and corn)

  • More bird food!

Grow Tomatoes

  • always grow really well and a popular edible inhabitant of the Glassroom

Over in the Kitchen Garden we plan to plant root vegetables such as potatoes, carrots, turnips and beetroot.  School children successfully grew these vegetables last year and made tasty soup and carrot cake for everyone (including the ranger!) to enjoy.  They are hoping this year to have enough to invite family, friends and others from the local community to enjoy their hard work too.

The herbs in the Kitchen Garden continue to grow really well, so much so we are going to take cuttings and grow them on to use in other parts of the park and perhaps even deliver to local schools for their own gardens.

Each year several local schools are involved in planting of the vegetables and flowers here in the Glen and all of the children (and staff) very much enjoy the harvesting of all the vegetables in autumn.  However we rely on dedicated volunteers to help with the maintenance of these beds throughout the summer (mainly watering and weeding).  Lindsay did most of this single handedly in 2017 so huge thanks to him!

Next month:

Myself and some willing volunteers will dig over all of the planting beds and add some of the compost available from the Fife Council Recycling Centres.  Any outside work will be weather permitting of course – digging frozen ground is a little difficult!