In a public park such as Pittencrieff Park there is a wide variety of maintenance duties that are delivered to a high standard throughout the year. This work keeps the park looking its best and maintains a high standard of greenspace that the public can enjoy during their leisure time.
Staff on site maintain the park and public facilities such as the Glasshouse, the landscaping and horticultural features throughout the year. They also prepare and repair the park before and after events which include the annual Children’s Gala, the Fireworks display and Festival of Dunfermline.

Regular duties are:

  • Grass cutting between March and October
  • Daily litter collection and bin emptying (during busy periods or events this is carried out more frequently)
  • The Glasshouse is open and staffed 7 days a week
  • Gardens are watered and maintained as required with seasonal planting and improvements
  • The public toilets situated within the park are also open 7 days a week (10am until 4.30pm daily).

There are lots of other maintenance issues and duties that the park staff deal with on a daily basis which can range from tending to broken drains to feeding peacocks!
Other teams that are involved in the maintenance of Pittencrieff Park (though they also work throughout West Fife) include:

  • Tree Squad
  • Spraying Squad
  • Play Parks Maintenance

Managing for Biodiversity
Throughout the park there are now several areas that are maintained to encourage biodiversity. These areas have a more natural look and are ideal for native flora and fauna to flourish. We regularly give nature a helping hand by planting wildflower seed, bulbs, young trees and adding bird and bat boxes.

Green Flag
In 2015 the park was awarded it’s first Green Flag which recognises high quality greenspaces and the effort invested by staff and the local commmunity in the care and development of them.