1. Peacock Sanctuary and Picnic Area.
    Refurbish former animal centre and develop as an indoor/ outdoor sanctuary for peacocks. Develop area south of the animal centre with wildflower meadow and picnic area. Refurbish toilets adjacent to peacock sanctuary.
  2. Glasshouses and Glassroom.
    Extensively refurbish glasshouses, including a part conversion for use as a community learning facility. Improve surrounding access paths.
  3. Entrances and Gates Restoration.
    Restore, paint and upgrade the Louise Carnegie, Abbey, Moodie Street, Nethertown, Coal Road and Pittencrieff Street entrances. Upgrade seating, litter bins and remove redundant features.
  4. Signage and Interpretation.
    Design and install new signs and information panels (including maps at key entrances and locations), directional signs and fingerposts. Offer a suite of accompanying leaflets including history, natural history, links with coal, walks and built heritage.
  5. Lighting Improvements.
    Improve park lighting throughout, in keeping with the heritage of the park and to improve evening visits.
  6. Nethertown Sculptural Benches.
    Replant shrub beds and commission 2 benches sculpted out of tree trunks.
  7. Glen Pavilion Stepped Arena Repairs.
    Repair the historic steps and replace the old tarmac, step and kerb areas. Replant side areas and install picnic tables.
  8. Redundant Toilet Block Demolition.
    Demolish derelict toilet block and reinstate area with planting to encourage biodiversity.
  9. Glen Pavilion Lawn.
    Install drainage across lawn, level surface and grass seed.
  10. Woodland Bulb Planting.
    Plant new woodland bulbs.
  11. Events Lawn Improvements.
    Improve drainage across lawn.
  12. Events Shelter Refurbishment.
    Refurbish and convert shelter to provide storage area including removal of derelict toilets. Upgrade power supply to support events and landscape surrounding area.
  13. Redundant Paddling Pool Removal.
    Remove redundant pool base and concrete surrounds. Level the site and create lawn area with seating around trees. Mark site of old well if found.
  14. Laird’s Garden Improvements.
    Replace and restore rose beds, bedding, herbaceous borders, heather beds, box hedging and the Laird’s Walk. Develop herb garden and accessible demonstration kitchen garden. Refurbish entrance gates and fencing.
  15. Italian Garden Improvements.
    Add signage and refurbish historic rails and chain.
  16. Lily Pond Improvements.
    Improve pond, plant lilies and other aquatics. Improve garden by adding climbers.
  17. Telephone Kiosk Refurbishment.
    Refurbish telephone kiosk and clean stonework.
  18. Sandstone Rock Garden Improvements.
    Protection of key species and removal of overgrown plants. Prepare and replant with appropriate alpine and rock garden plants.
  19. Locomotive Restoration.
    Refurbish locomotive and relocate within park.
  20. Lower Glen Improvements.
    Open up key views to Abbey, new tree and understorey planting. Replace fencing and refurbish bridges. Upgrade path to south of Louise Carnegie gates to be DDA compliant and open up views to Abbey. Remove seedling trees and ivy to protect historic structure remains at the Heugh Mills and St Catherine’s Hospice.
  21. Wallace’s Well Improvements.
    Carefully excavate to identify well, erect new protective steel cover, implement improvements to surrounding area and add information panel to site.
  22. Humpback Bridge Drainage Works.
    General drainage improvements.
  23. Japanese Garden / Summer House Improvements.
    Improvements to the landscape and replant with mix of herbaceous and shrubs to restore as Japanese Garden. Improve paths. Restore the summer house and surrounds.
  24. Andrew Carnegie Statue Refurbishment.
    Clean and repair statue and plinth. Redesign and replant beds.
  25. Shrub Bed Improvements.
    Selectively refurbish shrub beds and restore with supplementary and new planting to be welcoming and colourful but with reference to historic planting.
  26. Improvements by Malcolm Canmore’s Tower.
    Restore and refurbish planted areas. Replace fencing and upgrade path sections. Restore important views to the Abbey, to the Tower Burn and across the Glen.
  27. Dovecot Refurbishment.
    Refurbish dovecot and install heritage door.
  28. Stone Steps Improvements.
    Restore formal set of steps and remove derelict steps.
  29. Double Bridge Railings Refurbishment.
    Repair / replace / refurbish railing balustrades to the Double Tower Bridge.