Volunteers play an important role in delivering projects and activities in the park that are co-ordinated by the Urban Park Ranger.
Previous projects that volunteers have contributed to include:

  • regular wildlife recording
  • ongoing clean ups of the Tower Burn
  • increased planting of native wild plants such as bulbs and wildflowers
  • planting of young trees
  • control of invasive species such as rhododendron and Himalayan Balsam

Volunteers come to Pittencrieff Park from local businesses, community groups and local youth groups. There has also been considerable interest and involvement from individual members of the public as well as the already established Friends of Pittencrieff Park. Fife Voluntary Action and the Fife Coast & Countryside also help with putting volunteers in contact with us.
Throughout the park, work has been carried out:

  • along the Tower Burn and in the surrounding area
  • in the south west corner where we are maintaining a wildflower area
  • along the boundary wall of the park next to the Pittencrieff Street car park
  • the Lawyer’s Orchard
  • the South Woodland
  • the Doocot Woodland

Thank You!
Without volunteers it would be impossible to undertake some of these activities. Fife Council and the Carnegie Dunfermline Trust appreciates that people are volunteering their own time for no payment simply because they want to be involved with activities in the Glen. It’s great to have so many willing volunteers!

Become a Friend!
The Friends of Pittencrieff Park is a charity registered in Scotland which was established in 2005 to work towards the improvement and maintenance of Pittencrieff Park for the benefit of the public.
The Friends of Pittencrieff Park is run by a Board of Trustees, all of whom are unpaid volunteers, and they are always on the lookout for new members and volunteers to help them with the valuable work they do in the park!